At Nine we are excited about the future of the media and we are driving the evolution of both television and the digital landscape.

We are proud to work for one of Australia’s leading content creators. A media company that is focused on a multi-platform future where we deliver unique local content on a variety of platforms tailored to the needs of consumers.


We see ourselves as part of the “Nine family” and are continually looking for people who are as passionate about content creation as we are, and who are excited and driven to want to help shape the future of media.


Joining Nine means you are part a team and you come to work each day seeking to be at the centre of the way Australians are informed, entertained and engaged with the world around them. 


We recognise that our people are at the heart of everything we do, working collaboratively to position Nine as the most progressive media company in Australia. 


No matter what your job is at Nine you will be part of a team that is reimagining the future of media. We always strive to create an environment that will allow our people to look back one day and be proud to say, “I was part of that.”


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