TV Solutions

    The Nine Network delivers unrivalled possibilities as an advertising vehicle, reaching over 14 million Australians each month across its four channels. By harnessing the power of free-to-air television and Nine’s premium content, brands can achieve mass reach, target specific audiences and create meaningful connections with consumers.

    Why advertise on TV?
    Television remains an essential communication tool for advertisers. Television can capture the attention of your target audience in a host of exciting ways. From 30-second spots to branded entertainment, there’s a TV solution to suit your objectives and your budget.

    More people spend more time with TV than any other medium
    TV is in virtually every Australian home (99%+ per cent) and is an integral part of our culture and society. On average, every Australian spends around three hours a day watching TV on a TV set. The majority of this time (over 90%) is spent watching the live broadcast.

    The best way to kick-start a campaign and build momentum

    Reach your target audience quickly and encourage them to respond immediately. Television delivers the highest daily and weekly reach of any medium in Australia.  In fact, over 15 million Australians tune into commercial television on average every day, making it ideal for launching new products and services, or driving a sales event.

    Integrated campaigns
    Television establishes the central idea of a campaign and helps it resonate through other media platforms. Nine offers a range of ways for advertisers to engage and connect with their target audiences, from segment or program sponsorship and cross-platform opportunities to tailored product integration. See below for some of the ways that Nine can weave your brand into ours and create meaningful connections with consumers. 

    For more information on advertising opportunities please contact Nine's Sales team – contact details can be found here.