Travel Guides

    Nine’s hilarious and addictive Travel Guides is returning in 2019. Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for take-off as very different groups of ordinary Aussies become travel critics. In each episode they will go on the same week-long holiday, sampling the food, accommodation, and taking in the local sights. Their adventures will entertain and surprise you as they deliver no-holds-barred reviews and rate their stay out of five stars.

    When the first series debuted in early 2017 it immediately proved a hit, consistently winning its timeslot in all key demographics.

    Season 2, which launched earlier this year, has continued to grow in popularity, averaging a national weekly audience of 1.047 million viewers.* It has also maintained its timeslot domination across the 5 City Metro market with People 16-39 (49%), 18-49 (49%), 25-54 (49%), GB+Child (48%) and Total People (43%).^

    Narrated by Aussie comedian Denise Scott, Travel Guides is a format developed by Studio Lambert and is produced in Australia by the Nine Network. 

    *Source: OzTam, Consolidated 28 Data, Travel Guides Season 2, Average Audience, Aired 29/1/2018 - 19/3/2018, 5 City Metro. Total people, Nine + Nine Content Affiliates as run on 23/3/2018.

    ^Source: OzTam, Overnight Data, Travel Guides Season 2, Share of timeslot (3Station primary share) Travel Guides vs corresponding programs on Seven & Ten, Aired 29/1/2018 - 19/3/2018, 5 City Metro.