Powered by the world-class, supply-side platform AppNexus, and with the support of Microsoft, Nine’s Marketplace – Nine & Microsoft AU NZ – provides you with more ways of buying Australian audiences at huge scale in real time.

    Nine is undertaking a fully programmatic approach to digital advertising and is committed to supplying you with all of our products however you want to buy them. We began this journey by aligning to a single digital programmatic technology stack in AppNexus.

    All the changes we are making are with ease of transaction in mind. We want to make buying from us an easier and better experience, and we want to deliver better results to clients. You can buy immersive and custom-creative formats, our authenticated data products and in-view inventory, through your DSP – and over the next six months we will roll out automated guaranteed trading to ensure that our solutions stay ahead of the curve at all times.

    Nine Marketplace Solutions

    Nine’s marketplace solutions enable you to access a huge scale of brand-safe display and video inventory across all devices through your DSP.

    • True automation: Marketplaces that drive buying efficiencies and allow frequency management across various inventory sources.
    • Waste reduction: Bid in real time on each impression based on your specific campaign goals and maintain efficiencies through a second-price auction.
    • BYO data: Plug in your DMP and use your own audience segments against our inventory for minimal wastage.
    • Private marketplaces: First-look marketplaces are available to ensure you can be prioritised and win the best quality inventory.

    Access our display and video buying options:

    DISPLAY: Nine and Microsoft AU NZ (AppNexus 1705)

    With a huge scale of premium properties and a range of content, data and performance offerings to deliver them, Nine has ramped up on ad technology – aligning to a world-class, full-stack technology in ad-server/SSP AppNexus. Our consolidated second-price auction marketplace offering brings together the scale and performance of Microsoft inventory with the premium contexts of Nine’s editorial network to provide you with guaranteed brand safety to buy through your DSP across all devices.

    Display marketplace capabilities:

    • Huge scale: Over 2 billion impressions per month of quality supply though Microsoft and Nine’s owned and operated unreserved inventory.
    • Dynamic allocation: Your bids compete in real time with direct sold campaigns, meaning that self-serve buyers can now see and bid on brand-tier inventory usually reserved for direct sales.
    • Bespoke formats: Immersive and custom formats are available to run across all devices.
    • In-view inventory: The most highly viewable placements across Nine and Microsoft.
    • First-party humanised data: Authenticated and humanised Nine and Microsoft data from 15.3 million registered user accounts through Skype, XBOX, Windows and Outlook – allowing you to pinpoint your exact audience in real time.
    • Expandables: Run expandable ad units across your inventory deals.

    Speak to our traders today for more information on how you can get connected –

    VIDEO: Nine Private Marketplace (AOL)

    With Nine at the helm, video content is a key pillar of our business – with over 34 million videos streamed across Nine and Microsoft inventory per month. 9Now is the official live streaming and video-on-demand platform for Nine programming, and all Nine and Microsoft inventory is available to buy through your DSP via the AOL supply-side platform.