Powered also by the world-class, supply-side platform AppNexus, and with the support of Microsoft and ComScore verification, Nine’s performance offering uses a first look at our premium inventory and huge scale of unique first-party data to drive ROI for clients.

    With a team of expert programmatic traders at the helm, Nine’s performance solutions connect high-impact brand strategies to performance tactics or deliver stand-alone performance tactics to drive huge ROI for advertisers.

    Our AudienceBlend offering trades first-party data in real time to optimise audiences against the entire breadth of inventory supply in Australia. AudienceBlend analyses and understands your existing audiences by matching them against the 15. 3 million logged-in users, finding sweet spots and optimising qualified audiences to your site with minimal wastage.

    Our PerformanceBlend offering uses a hybrid of first-party data prospecting and retargeting strategies, which our traders optimise in real time to deliver on a click or conversion goal for our advertisers. We leverage all the smarts of our data products team and traders to ensure we find the right people across 99% of Australian inventory and bring them efficiently down the marketing funnel to land on your website (CPC) or buy your products (eCPA).