• UAs
    7.856 Million UAs
  • Page impressions
    181.632 Million page views
  • sessions
    40.84 Sessions per person
  • Time spent
    2hours 51minutes Per person monthly
Source: Nielsen Digital Panel, September 2018

Outlook.com is the fastest growing email service in history and one of the largest email platforms in Australia with 6 million active accounts

Outlook.com is optimised for modern browsers and devices, with a sleek interface and powerful, innovative features. It’s clear that the fresh and intuitive design of Outlook.com resonates with consumers.

Outlook.com ensures sending and receiving emails isn’t an activity undertaken in isolation. It is integrated seamlessly across the Microsoft ecosystem, today and into the future, including Windows 10, OneDrive, Office 365 and Skype. Integration with Office 365 allows users to use web-based apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. When it comes to attachments, no file is too large with the use of OneDrive and its sharing capabilities. And finally, users can extend email conversations into audio and video calls via Skype when they want to connect in real time.

Marketers too can take advantage of its consumer-first design philosophy when creating new advertising experiences in Outlook.com.