Native Advertising

    Native Content

    Nine‘s native advertising engages editorial content with an advertiser’s campaign theme at its core. Nine’s native content is newsworthy, thought-provoking and highly shareable, and guarantees an engaged audience on one of Australia's largest news and entertainment network.

    Each piece of contextually relevant content is surrounded by your brand’s media and features an exit “brought to you by” line at the end, which can link to your website or another extension of your campaign. It’s a smarter way to connect your brand with the right audience.

    All native content receives amplification through the homepage, our social pages and in the Plista native tile.

    As part of our native content offering we have the capability to script, storyboard and shoot “360 video” – allowing users to get an intimate glimpse of what it would be like to be part of their favourite show.

    Native Display

    • Premium environment: The homepage is a premium environment where everyday Australians go to look for news they can trust and great content that will entertain, inform and inspire them, all in one place and all for free.
    • Seamless integration into the content feed: Our native display offering delivers a seamless integration of the ad into the content feed of our homepage across five prominent placements. These placements are considered positions of serendipity when a viewer lands on the page, and are naturally woven into the flow of the page.
    • Responsive across all platforms: All ad templates are responsive and will resize and appear across desktop, tablet and mobile, without the need to supply creative to different specs.
    • Targeting powered by Nine data: All ads can be targeted by Nine’s market-leading data. This data is available to help you make deeper, more targeted and more meaningful connections with your customers across your native advertising.