Married at First Sight

    Married at First Sight is Australia’s most controversial and ground-breaking social experiment.

    In Season 5, our three expert matchmakers – relationship psychologist John Aiken, neuropsychotherapist Trisha Stratford and dating expert and psychologist Mel Schilling - faced the mammoth task of again pairing 20 brave singles, using a mix of neuroscience and psychology to try to create 10 perfect matches.

    Nine’s Chief Sales Officer, Michael Stephenson, said it was Married at First Sight’s ability to drive the “water cooler” conversation across the country and its strength in the key demographics that made it such an attractive property for advertisers. 

    “We have seen a strong reaction from advertisers to Married at First Sight because it is one of the most demographically pure shows on Australian TV,” said Stephenson. 

    “Our consistent performance in the key demographics in 2018 will once again be the marker of our success.”

    Season 5 of Married At First Sight had the largest audience ever with an average of 1,328,099 viewers tuning in each night - up 13% on Season 4. 

    What can we expect in Season 6? Talking Married will be back to continue the conversation after an incredibly successful 2018 season - with your favourite Nine and 9Honey talent hosting the show, discussing and recapping the biggest and best moments from the week, behind-the-scenes footage and exclusives.

    With 41 episodes and a big group holiday distributed at scale, experts will continue to put relationships to the ultimate pressure test to determine if science really can predict true love.