Fit Nation

    These fitness fanatics are heavily into their wellbeing and they love a good hot yoga session. They are true believers in exercising, healthy eating and mindfulness to lead stress-free lives. These affluent women live in prestigious suburbs with their family. Their ultimate getaway is visiting a high-end health retreat in Ubud where they can fully detox their mind and body, and share their experience with other like-minded women. As the main Grocery Buyer they are typically buying organic, gluten-free, dairy-free products. They want to know where their food has come from, so it’s important to tell the food story about the items they buy.

    Key Demographics
    Household Income: $100k+ 
    Age: 35+ 
    Location: Capital Cities – Suburban/Regional 
    Life Stage: Mature Singles, Older Couples, Established Couples & Established Families