• UAs
    9.400M UAs
  • sessions
    9.4 sessions per person
  • Time spent
    32:07minutes per person monthly
Source: Nielson Digital Content Ratings, Monthly Tagged, Text Only, August 2019

9News is one of Australia’s most comprehensive news networks, reaching over 9.781 million people across its broadcast and digital properties each and every month.

Recent changes to the 9News sites have seen positive results in viewability, video streams and engagement across the whole site. Especially across mobile, there is a focus on retaining audience, improving user experience and creating mobile first video.

9News is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our audience and advertisers. Technology continues to play a big role in shaping the future of the newsroom and also new ways in which our audience can access information – like the launch of the 9News app which has already become the No.1 Australian commercial news app since its launch in November 2017. 

Delivering compelling, comprehensive news coverage, 9News has the most integrated newsrooms in the country – with our digital and broadcast content teams working closely together every day. We also draw on the global reach and resources of a network of over 250 reporters around the world.  

In addition to our dynamic and comprehensive website, our audience is able to get breaking news alerts through the 9News App – the only news app in Australia that sends users alerts based on their geo-location.

9News.com.au – dedicated to providing you with news you can trust wherever and whenever you want – live, fast and free.

Source: Nielsen Consumer & MediaView Survey 08 National Online, Oct 2017 - September 2018, Fused NDP September 2018.