• UAs
    3,510,120 Million UAs
  • Page impressions
    69,202,796 Million page views
  • sessions
    4.8 Sessions per person
  • Time spent
    9:35minutes Per person monthly
Source: Nielson Digital Content Ratings, Monthly Tagged, Text Only, April 2019

9Honey is a dedicated lifestyle network catering to the everyday Australian woman. 

Encouraging personal growth and supporting women across all facets of life, 9Honey showcases new experiences, ideas and news, while also giving our audience the tools to implement ideas into their own lives. 

9Honey creates unique personal relationships with audiences through stories that are distinctively relevant to women, spanning news, opinion, homes, food, fitness, travel, parenting, fashion, beauty, horoscopes and celebrity.

The 9Honey network consists of already loved Australian brands including: celebrity news site 9Celebrity, cooking and recipe site 9Honey Kitchen, interior design site 9Honey Homes, fashion and beauty site 9Honey Style, travel site 9Honey Travel and fitness website 9Honey Coach, for daily horoscope readings, Honey Horoscope, alongside its newest offering, 9Honey Mums.