Powered by Nine


Powered by Nine is Nine's client solutions division, committed to helping brands realise big ideas.

Our team of strategic thinkers develop the solution to your challenge. We work with clients to gain a deep understanding of your business and what you stand for, enabling us to select the right environments across our vast storytelling ecosystem.
We accompany every recommendation with our strategic rationale giving you the confidence that you have the right solution to meet the needs of your brief. We provide audience rationale, cultural context, category trends and measurement benchmarks, using a number of proprietary tools.
Our creative team bring our concepts to life with video, copy and visuals and test our concepts using 9Nation, our quantitative insights community of over 6000 Australians, to understand which concepts appeal and excite.
Our content experts work with the industry’s leading storytellers, content-makers and influencers who call Nine home, to ensure that all brand ideas are a seamless part of the in-program action, editorial and connect across all platforms.

And finally, Powered Studios - the driving force behind brand content production - write, direct and shoot the integrated TVCs, interstitials, digital and social content that form your campaign.

Our team is committed to providing the most strategic, collaborative and creative solutions to connect your brand to Nine’s audience. So let’s get started, book a Powered by Nine Hack and find out what we can do for you and your brands: Book your Powered Hack Here
About Powered by Nine Hacks
A Powered by Nine Hack is a facilitated ideation session that brings together marketing teams, agency teams and Nine content specialists to tackle a marketing challenge. The aim of a Hack is to use the diverse skillset of the room to develop new solutions to your challenge. During the session which is hosted by Powered, participants will receive a comprehensive background to the challenge. This will also be paired with cultural context, consumer insights and category stimuli to help develop real world and actionable solutions.