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Maggi Launches New Products With 9Lifestyle

Maggi needed to grow and build brand awareness around its new products – gravy, curry and burger recipe bases. They looked to make a connection with caring, time-constraint mothers and present the brand as a contemporary solution to cooking amidst a chaotic schedule.

Audi Harnesses The Power Of Video

With the launch of the first new Audi TT in six years, Audi was not only taking the car forward but also taking design forward. 

BMW Launches The Ultimate Driving Experience

With the launch of the BMW 2 Series, BMW looked to forge a deeper connection with potential customers, demonstrating the superior driving potential of the car and reinforcing its brand proposition of “joy”. 

Cadbury Partners With The Voice To "Share The Joy"

Cadbury Dairy Milk needed a way to “share the joy” and celebrate its core range of flavours.

Kellogg Launches New Brand Purpose With A Native Campaign

Kellogg’s had a challenge – to launch LCM’s new brand purpose, “One of life’s little joys”, to parents and get them to add just one more box of LCMs to their monthly shop. 

McCafe integration with The Block

McCafe and The Block integrated spots for drive-thru McCafe coffee.