Outstream Video

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The Outstream Video ad format allows advertisers to insert a video ad into article content. Outstream Video ads will only play when the player is in view and will include sound on mouseover.



Video Player Behaviour

  • Playback method: Plays when >50% in view
  • Sound: On mouse-over only
  • Non-viewable behaviour: Pause when <50% in view
  • Ad length: 15 seconds maximum
  • Skippable after 3 seconds
  • Player size: 658x394 (article width)
  • Controls: Pause & mute on mouse-over
  • Player technology: HTML5, Flash

Accepted formats

  • Site served MP4/MOV
  • VAST MP4
  • VPAID not supported

Nine Digital Served Specs

  • Resolution: 1280x720 (HD) or 1024X576 (SD)
  • Total bitrate: 2,628 kbps (HD) or 1,896 kbps (SD)
  • Video bitrate: 2,500 kbps (HD) or 1,800 kbps (SD)
  • Audio bitrate: 128 kbps
  • Audio volume: -24dB LKFS
  • File format: MP4 or MOV
  • File size: 30mb maximum

Third Party Served Specs (VAST only)

  • Outstream Video supports all external VAST 2.0 and above.
  • We recommend assets be transcoded into the following file formats:
    • mp4
    • flv
    • webm
  • Multiple bitrates should be provided for each of the above transcodings.  We recommend:
    • 500kbps (optimized for mobile devices on cellular connection and required by many mobile SSPs)
    • 1200kbps
    • 2500kbps (optimized for high speed connections)

Important Information

  • Supported Tracking URLs: Impression, Click, Ad Start, Ad Mid Play, Ad End Play
  • Required Elements: click through URL, all other tracking URLs are optional
  • Accepted 3rd Parties: Atlas, DoubleClick, Sizmek, Facilitate
  • Accepted Tag Format: All Third Party served ads must come as a VAST 2 formatted tag
  • In order to ensure progressive delivery, all third party served files need to be encoded with their header data at the beginning of the file.

Timelines & Delivery

  • All 3rd party creative should be delivered to Nine Digital via 3rd party ad serving tags.
  • All material must be delivered at least five (5) working days prior to campaign launch to ensure technical compatibility and internal concept approval. 
  • If creative is late an estimated % of impressions equivalent to the forecasted daily inventory level will be cancelled from the total impressions booked.
  • Reach out to the third party vendors listed above for full technical documentation, build guides etc.