Powered's Big Ideas Store Returns for 2019

The Big Ideas Store, Powered by Nine, is back for a second year in a row with a jam-packed line-up of events, workshops, research studies and speakers celebrating BIG IDEAS and BIG THINKING that make advertising famous.  

This year Powered is building on the success of last year’s pop-up store, with the evolution of the Sydney store opening in Oxford Street, Paddington, this week and the Melbourne store coming to Flinders Street in the CBD next week. Both stores will showcase the way Powered, Nine’s marketing solutions division, can leverage creativity across a variety of platforms.  

“Big ideas make brands famous, and Powered is the home of big ideas,” said Michael Stephenson, Nine’s Chief Sales Officer. “The Big Ideas Store will explore what it takes to realise big ideas, and just how powerful they are in driving sales and business growth.

“This year we will showcase an even wider range of products and opportunities through our leading publishing brands, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Australian Financial Review, which allow brands to connect to new audiences.”

In Sydney and Melbourne, The Big Ideas Store returns as a premium department store. It will be used to host a number of client ideation sessions, known as Hacks, as marketers and agency partners tap into Powered’s strategic and creative capability to collaborate on the development of BIG IDEAS for 2020. 

New research will be launched, in partnership with the Human & Cultural Strategy team of FiftyFive5, called The End of Men and Women, examining the role of gender in today’s marketing and whether marketers need to examine changes in society in their marketing. 

The Big Ideas Store will also host a number of client and content sessions aimed at inspiring marketers to embrace creativity at their core, be brave in their marketing endeavours, and think big for the year ahead.

“The next two weeks are really a celebration of all that makes marketing and advertising exciting, interesting, fun and impactful for brands and consumers,” said Liana Dubois, Director of Powered.   

“The Big Ideas Store exists to celebrate big marketing moments. It’s an opportunity to embrace the art of marketing and bring balance to the conversation at a time that has seen the pendulum swing too far into the science.  

“Throughout the next two weeks we’ll be hearing from marketers and our in-house experts to learn from and inspire each other to spark the conversation around the power of a big idea.” 

For more information:
Nic Christensen
Head of Corporate Affairs 

Background on the Big Ideas Store Sessions - Sydney: 


In a world that is obsessed by hyper targeting and the rise of programmatic, efficiency over effectiveness and short termism over long term sustainable growth, we look at the ever-increasing importance of BIG IDEAS in the attention economy. 

What is the current state of play of Australia’s BIG IDEAS?


The Australian gender revolution is coming. 

Before a child is even born, we ask - “is it a boy or a girl?” – anticipating that the physical traits of a child will tell us what type of person they will be. We believe males will be masculine, females will be feminine. But this is starting to change.

How far into this gender revolution are we? How do different Australian audiences feel about moving away from the binary construct of gender? What happens when a brand’s primary segmentation tool is man/woman and Australians no longer strongly identify with either? 

Join Powered, in partnership with the Human & Cultural Strategy team of FiftyFive5, to explore these questions and the impact of the gender revolution on content and brands.


From smash TV hits such as Married At First Sight and The Block, to digital blockbusters such as Love Island, to must-read publishing products such as Traveller and Good Food. What does it take to create content that truly connects with Australians and how can brands apply this thinking to content marketing strategies in 2019 and beyond?

Join Nine’s content creators as we unpack what it takes to create, distribute and engage audiences. This session will cover content trends for the year ahead, the importance of collaboration between media owners and brands, and how to use data as a growth lever.


Is our hunger to chase marketing efficiency through programmatic and automation eating away at creative thinking and big ideas? The great debate will unpick the tension between art and the machine, and settle for once and all whether efficiency is killing creativity?


Measuring the performance of a well-executed Big Idea is no easy task. A Big Impact is often hidden by time. We explore how clients can gather evidence from a few key metrics to uncover the true effectiveness of a Big Idea. Engage with Nine experts, innovative marketers and industry thought leaders as we unpack new ways to push the limits of measurement.
Monday, July 15, 2019