VMLY&R Chief Creative Officer: The Power of Print is its Cut Through

In an increasingly digital world, there remains an important place for print in helping advertisers grab audience attention, says Paul Nagy, Chief Creative Officer at VMLY&R. 

“The great thing about the contextual relevance that print can deliver is this idea of cutting through,” says Nagy.

In the modern world, society has become so accustomed to technological creativity and advancements. However, in an era of “fake news”, Nagy argues this growing prevalence of technology has created a new wave of trust and appreciation for print and its environment. 

“These days, people are so used to staring at their phones and being impressed by technology that when we do crazy things with normal formats like newspapers, billboards, radio ads, it makes such an impact and is a real opportunity these days for a modern marketer,” he says. 

Nagy went on to further highlight the value of print by stating: “we are bombarded with so much everyday. The idea that if you're reading about one thing in the market and someone references it, so if you’re really interested in that article or story at that particular time, anything that surrounds it has got that added bonus of cutting through and being memorable.”