The Vampire Gigolo

In episode six, Australian Crime Stories explores the life and death of Melbourne prostitute Shane Chartres-Abbott and the ongoing debate surrounding his murder 13 years ago.
On Sunday, April 7, at 9.30pm on Nine, Australian Crime Stories raises significant new doubts about the murder confession from a career criminal, and the direction of the police investigation.
When Chartres-Abbott was accused of raping and mutilating a client, few doubted his guilt. To complete the lurid picture, the victim said Chartres-Abbott boasted that he was a 200-year-old vampire who needed blood to survive. Chartres-Abbott claimed he was framed and threatened to reveal a high-level sex ring involving judges, politicians and casino high-rollers as part of his defence. He was murdered on the way to give evidence in court.
A career criminal confessed to the murder, sparking one of the most expensive investigations in Victoria’s history. It included allegations that police officers were involved in the hit. 
Investigative journalist, researcher and co-writer Adam Shand interrogates the accounts of the police, criminals and friends to present this story that goes to the heart of the ongoing controversy over the state of justice in Victoria.
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Tuesday, April 2, 2019