Married at First Sight set to Deliver 'Amazing Love and Drama' Again in 2019

Nine’s 2019 programming slate will open with a collection of audience favourites alongside exciting new offerings such as Bad Mothers, says Nine’s Program Director, Hamish Turner.

“Coming after the Australian Open, a fantastic platform to promote our new shows, we kick off the year with the return of 2018’s smash hit, Married at First Sight,” Turner says.

“Coupled with that is Travel Guides, the brand-new drama Bad Mothers, David Attenborough’s blue-chip series Dynasties, the final season of Big Bang, and Young Sheldon season two. We’ve also got Murder, Lies and Alibis, Australian Crime Stories, and 60 Minutes in its forty-first year.”

Turner noted that 2018 was a defining season for Married at First Sight, the number one program of the year.

“It won total people, 25-54s, 16-39s, it took everything. It was the most talked about show in 2018, the number one regular show,” he says.

“For advertisers, the great thing about this is that people care. People talk about it. It’s the conversation people are having at the water cooler the next day.”

Turner is confident Married at First Sight will continue to deliver great results in 2019.

“We have amazing love, we have amazing drama, it definitely satisfies the expectations of the audience, and we are guaranteed to deliver again in 2019,” he says.

Travel Guides will also be back in 2019 for season three.

“This was a show that had year-on-year growth in 2018. Our cast are returning and they are going from India to South America and back to Europe, and we look forward to joining them on their journeys in 2019,” Turner says.

Nine will also be premiering the new Australian drama series, Bad Mothers.

“It follows four mothers in suburban Melbourne going through the trials and tribulations of life, like love and bringing up kids. While there is humour, at the backdrop of this series is a murder which drives the narrative throughout,” Turner says.

Bad Mothers has as an all-star cast including Melissa George, Daniel MacPherson, Michala Banas, Mandy McElhinney, Shalom Brune-Franklin and Jessica Tovey.

Sir David Attenborough, the world’s great naturalist, will again be on Nine in 2019 with his new blue-chip series, Dynasties.

Dynasties follows five animal groups, with each episode dedicated to one group at a critical stage of their life,” says Turner. “The leader is being challenged and this shows the dynamics in that relationship. There’s death, love and desperation. It’s amazing, it’s brilliant natural history with drama.”

Nine will also premiere a new true-crime series, Murder, Lies and Alibis, in the first quarter of 2019.

“This program looks at cases that have either gone cold, or new evidence has come to light. It has the style of a ‘deep-dive’ investigation and it is of the highest quality. We are really looking forward to bringing that to screens next year,” says Turner.

The American medical procedural drama New Amsterdam is also coming to Nine in 2019.

“In 2018, we saw a bit of a resurgence in US dramas and we are very pleased to bring New Amsterdam to your screens,” Turner says.

“It was one of the biggest new series in the US this year. New Amsterdam follows a doctor who has to completely change the regime at the New Amsterdam hospital in New York.”

Nine’s programming schedule will also feature audience favourites Young Sheldon and The Big Theory, which are both returning next year.

Big Bang is in its final season. It has been an absolute star performer for us and we look forward to sending it off in style. Joining it is the number one comedy show of the year, Young Sheldon,” says Turner.