'No better way to sell TV than on TV' - How Stan uses Nine Platforms to Target Bespoke Audiences

For streaming platform Stan, promoting itself is all about connecting with consumers hungry for entertainment – and for that, ‘TV is king’.

“There’s no better way to sell TV than on TV, whether that’s traditional or digital,” Diana Ilinkovski, Stan Head of Brand, said.

“For us at Stan, TV has been an integral part of the marketing mix since our launch. Whether it’s for a brand campaign like hungry eyes, launching a new show like Who is America, or a kids school holiday campaign, TV is always at the forefront of our marketing campaign.”

Nine has been an important partner for Stan since its inception – Stan is a 50/50 joint venture between Nine Entertainment Co. and Fairfax Media – and there has been a natural alignment between the Today Show breakfast program and Stan.

“As Australia’s home of news and entertainment, the Today Show provided the perfect fit for Stan as an entertainment brand,” Ilinkovski said.

“The hosts are trusted among Australians, and we get when they talk about our shows and our product proposition in-program, where audience engagement is highest, its invaluable. 

“The trust and credibility they have amongst their audience in turn provides a huge amount of equity and credibility for our brand.”

Partnering with Today allows Stan to “reach a sense of scale that’s important for us in our always-on marketing”.

“Integrating into Today, which attracts millions of loyal and repeat viewers every single day, allows us to spruik a whole range of content that we simply can’t via spots and dots alone,” Ilinkovski said.

“Nine have all audiences covered and that’s why they are the perfect partner for us. Whether live reads for Power in the NRL, editorial for kids programs on Today, integrated articles for Friends on Pedestrian, or advertising Younger in Love Island on Nine Now, we are able to hit every single bespoke audience that we need, effectively and efficiently.

“With Stan, our biggest challenge is having enough advertising space to be able to unearth the breadth and depth of our huge content offering, albeit a great problem to have. The number of media impressions we have through our partnership with the Today Show allows us to do that, and change our messaging on a daily basis.”

Nine’s platforms across TV, digital and social allow Stan to optimise its marketing for specific audiences, Ilinkovski said.

“The media mix for Billions will look very different to that of UnREAL, yet we can communicate with all of these different audiences via Nine’s media powerhouse."