Are You Up For The Adventure Of A Lifetime?

The Nine Network today announced the return of one of Australia’s favourite TV shows, Travel Guides, for a third series – and invited new groups of holidaymakers to apply as travel critics. 
When the first series debuted in early 2017 it immediately proved a hit, consistently winning its timeslot in all key demographics.

The second series, which launched earlier this year, has continued to grow in popularity, so far averaging a national weekly audience of 1.047 million viewers*. It has also maintained its timeslot domination across the 5 City Metro market with People 16-39 (49%), 18-49 (49%), 25-54 (49%), GB+Child (48%) and Total People (43%)^.

Nine’s Head of Content Partnerships and Development, Adrian Swift, said: “Forget TripAdvisor and hours of research on the internet. For the ultimate reviews on Australia’s and the world’s best destinations, our Travel Guides will tell you everything you need to know and a whole lot you don’t.

“They put the fun back into travel, and we’re proud to have the honest, outrageous, hilarious Travel Guides returning to Nine.”

In the third series, many of your favourite Travel Guides will be back, including the Fren family. 

The Nine Network is also looking for new groups of holidaymakers to join the next series – people who love to travel, relish new experiences, express their opinions and enjoy having a laugh. 

Each week our Travel Guides experience the same international and domestic holidays, review the same accommodation, cuisine and local sights, and then rate their stay out of five stars. 

If you are up for the adventure of a lifetime, head to to complete the online application. Applications close at midnight on Sunday, April 22, 2018. 

Series three of Travel Guides will begin production later this year.   


For further information please contact:  
Nine Network Publicity
Peter Brennan 
0438 805 816 / 02 9965 2727 

Monday, March 26, 2018

*Source: OzTam, Consolidated 28 Data, Travel Guides Season 2, Average Audience, Aired 29/1/2018 - 19/3/2018, 5 City Metro. Total people, Nine + Nine Content Affiliates as run on 23/3/2018.

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