The Voice Reinvents Itself Every Year

When it comes to family-friendly television, The Voice is one of Australia’s biggest and most successful franchises for brands, says Nine’s Group Content Strategy Director, Lizzie Young.

Ahead of the upcoming launch of the seventh season of The Voice, Young noted how the power of Australia’s biggest “shiny-floor” show was its ability to evolve and change each year.

“The great thing about The Voice is that it’s a show that continually reinvents itself,” said Young.

“With every season, you get a new set of artists and a whole new lot of great talents, who are there for the first time and who are just so excited.

“Each year brings a whole new dynamic with the coaches too.  This year with Joe Jonas in the frame we have already seen the impact he has had on younger audiences.

“We have had huge queues of young people just lining up to attend the blind auditions.”

The Voice’s executive producer, Leigh Aramberri, said the dynamic this season would be different and more competitive.

“Joe Jonas is an incredible addition to The Voice,” said Aramberri. “He is not only current and cool and brings in a younger audience, he is also really competitive. I think all the coaches agree he is a nice guy, but he pitches hard and really wants to win.

“You can see that by the team he has assembled at the end of the finals.”

Aramberri pointed to the strong cross-generational appeal that boosted audiences for The Voice.

“The reason The Voice is so appealing to families is that music is so universal. You can love it if you are young kids or if you are a grandmother at home. It brings families together,” he said.

“The other thing for families is that it has a ‘sporting play’ along element through things like the app. This year we will again be engaging viewers through the voting so they get to decide who goes through right from the battle rounds.

“It all means that viewers this year can expect more four-chair turns than ever before, and the biggest voices they have ever heard.”

Young said the combination of mass audiences on TV with strong engagement on The Voice app makes the franchise one of the most powerful platforms on Australian television.

“We know when it hits the TV screens it will be the ultimate co-viewing experience in the lounge room,” she said.

“The Voice is also a show that does exceptionally well on our broadcast video on demand platform 9Now and in short-form content. People want to go back and see the highlights,  whether they are performances or interactions with the judges.

“The great thing about The Voice for brands is that it’s guaranteed to deliver. We have seen it in every season: be it cars, honey, music, chocolate or a raft of other products or services, every time a brand partners with us it performs amazingly well.”

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