The Power of Integrated Marketing

From sponsorship to contextual advertising, the opportunities for brands to align closer to TV content have never been greater.  Whether it’s aligning your brand with the perfect programme, integrating your product into the action of a show, or signing TV talent to act as your brand ambassador, the prospects are delicious.

Turbo charge attention and sales through brand integration.

AdLand has always known that integrating brand messages into appropriate TV content, and sponsoring shows, provides a brand with long-term, sustained equity impacts.

And yet so often advertisers overlook integration in the media mix in favour of ‘spots and dots’ because they carry a lower (cost per thousand) CPM.  The Benchmark Series found that brands enjoyed a sales uplift when they integrated their brands into TV’s fabulous content.  It’s like the icing on the cake, isn’t it?

Be it sponsorship, advertiser-funded programming, advertorials, interactive content, competitions and promotions, televised branded events, product placement, or licensing, there are many bright colours on the palette of content partnerships for advertisers.

I get so emotional every time I watch TV

We know TV is the complete story-telling medium, capturing viewers’ hearts story-telling medium, capturing viewers’ hearts and minds and bringing them back week after week.  TV affords brands the time and space to create a beginning, middle and end, build tension and resolution, triumph or loss – and the ads are shown against premium quality content.  Combine the power of story-telling with mass reach and you have the perfect context for your brand to build valuable equity and grow.

TV advertisers have learned a thing or two about high quality content too – it’s why they spend so much time crafting ads that resonate with their audiences.  And research from the Benchmark Series shows that they are right on the money.  TV ads that generate a strong emotional reaction – irrespective of whether or not the reaction is positive or negative – attract 16% more attention than ads which elicit weak reactions.

When your ad sits within highly engaging content your audience’s emotions will be heightened, creating greater attention.  And if we know one thing from Benchmark, we know that attention translates into sales: ads that generate a strong emotional response get a 30% greater sales impact than ads that generate a weak response.

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Source: ThinkTV, 76 Million Reasons to love TV, 2018.