The Hottest Show on Earth is Coming to 9Go! and 9Now

Nine's Head of Content Production and Development, Adrian Swift, and Nine’s Group Content Strategy Director, Lizzie Young, speak about Love Island, its breakout success in the UK, the opportunity for brands to connect with the hard to reach millennial audience at scale, and what’s in store for the Australian version

Swift says that Love Island embodies all of the things that Nine does: “At the heart is this fantastic building, The Villa, which is a little like The Block. There’s all that fabulous heartfelt drama, chaos and tension, a little bit like Married At First Sight. It’s got a fantastic voiceover, not unlike Hamish & Andy, but best of all it’s got all the abs of Ninja. We think it’s a show that genuinely embodies everything we do and a lot more.”

Watch the Love Island Australia promo here: