Many media companies celebrate the ability to give a personalised experience, at Nine we also celebrate the opposite: our ability to give the shared experiences, the ones which connect us together.

Harnessing the power of premium Australian content, spanning News, Sport, Entertainment and Lifestyle, we pride ourselves on delivering great audience experiences. The moments that make us feel human.

Living at the intersection of Australia’s best content, conversation and culture, in 2018, Nine is where Australia connects.

This sentiment was shared at Nine’s 2018 Upfront event to advertisers, media buyers and partners on the 11th October, 2017, as Nine’s executive team showcased the company’s strategic business and content plans for the year ahead.

“One thing remains true – Nine’s ability to reach, engage and socialise brands with millions of Australians through the power of premium content.” Hugh Marks – Nine CEO

To hear first-hand how Nine can help you create a real connection with Australian audiences through the power of premium video and broadcast content, all underpinned by Australia’s richest media owned data lake, contact your Nine representative or request more information.