New Kids Show In Production For The Nine Network

BrainBuzz, the Nine Network’s new children’s program, begins studio production this week at Nine Queensland’s Mt Coot-tha studios. 

The program is scheduled to launch nationally in 2018 on 9Go!. 

Host Kellyn Morris and resident scientist Clare Van Dorssen will be joined by children from around Australia to explore, dissect and solve many of the world’s frequently asked questions. Described as “science by stealth”, BrainBuzz is so engaging and entertaining that kids won’t even realise they are watching a science show.

Hosting children’s TV comes naturally to bubbly Kellyn Morris, 28, who has carved out a 10-year career as a co-host on several national kids programs. BrainBuzz is her first opportunity to take the reins of her own show. 

“I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of BrainBuzz. It has been so satisfying to contribute ideas and collaborate with our talented team and build this amazing new project from the ground up. Plus, I am learning a whole bunch of science along the way – I’m going to be so much more of an asset at trivia nights,” she said.

Clare Van Dorssen is an exciting new talent for the Nine Network. She recently graduated from the Shell Questacon Science Circus, and has travelled around Australia presenting school science shows and leading teacher development workshops. With a formal science background and experience in research and education, Clare brings a fresh and down-to-earth style which is  perfectly suited to connect with the young audience. 

“The great thing about BrainBuzz is that not only will I be able to demonstrate some pretty cool, hands-on experiments and concepts, we’ll also be doing some very funny things in each episode that I never expected would be part of my career when I finished my biomedical science degree at the University of Queensland,” she said. 

BrainBuzz is the first kids program in seven years to be produced by Channel Nine Queensland. 

Queensland Production and Programming Manager, Geoff Cooper, said: “It’s great to have some life back in the studios at Nine Queensland, which have been a bit dormant for a few years.

“We’ve created BrainBuzz to be a more active experience, where kids will see their peers participating in the exploration of interesting topics. We will also ensure there is a healthy dose of fun, silliness and comedy in every episode. We can’t wait to see it on air in 2018.”

BrainBuzz is produced in-house by the Nine Entertainment Co. The production team is comprised of highly experienced professionals with a commitment to high-quality children’s television. 

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