9Powered presents: The Great Australian Bite

In July 2017, 9Powered commissioned Hoop Research Group to carry out a landmark study, into the evolving state of the Australian Food Landscape. Taking a look at what the modern Australian is consuming, their eating habits, where they are eating, exploring the home cook, and the trends that are influencing what goes on their plates. 

Discover tangible insights that will help brands make better marketing decisions when targeting Australian consumers. 

Check out the video highlights from the research: 

Trend 1 – Long Live Family Tradition
As screens attract more of our attention, we are increasingly valuing a return to dinner table rituals:

Trend 2 – Any Day Can be an Occasion
We’re not just celebrating the big holidays but creating personalised occasions to reconnect and show love: 

Trend 3 – Eating as Nature Intended
Eating clean is not just for hipsters. Today everyday families are going back to basics and tuning into provenance:

Trend 4 – Fresh Food Hacks
Whilst the desire to cook fresh has increased, time and budgets have not. As a result we have become seasoned fresh meal planners:

In a nutshell,  “Food does so much more than nourish. It connects us.“  Michael Pollen, Food Author and Activist.

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