‘Treat the disease, not the symptoms’: How the industry can get to grips with viewability

While viewability has been kicking around as an issue for the Australian market for the past couple of years, there is growing consensus it is high time the industry got its act together and came up with some agreed rules for everyone to play by.

Nathan Powell, director of sales – digital product for Nine Digital, speaking on a viewability panel last week at the Mumbrella360 conference, says all publishers need to sign up to third-party auditing of their performance to ensure there is a level playing field for marketers to make buying decisions.

He explains: “There are multiple conversations, that’s why it’s important as an industry to make sure we’re all being measured from the same score card. I don’t think anyone should be able to mark their own homework, and if I am a marketer it is the only way I can make an informed decision on a like-for-like basis across my buys.

“The one thing I will add there for those clients that have different ways of buying on different measurement standards is just be upfront and transparent with publishers and agency partners, it’s about making sure you are clear about what success looks like and what the benchmark is. And when everyone involved knows what that is, we can actually create a solution for you.”

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