Nine Digital Offers Improved Data Offering In New Zealand With Experian

Nine Digital subsidiary, Mi9 New Zealand has significantly expanded its data offering by announcing the launch of a data partnership with Experian.

The partnership includes the ability to target Mosaic segments, household segments, and match clients’ offline databases to the 2.1 million Microsoft IDs, and is aimed at helping New Zealand marketers target consumers across the Mi9 network more effectively.

The move significantly expands the segmentation available to New Zealand marketers across the Mi9 network of premium digital environments, which includes more than 2.6 million desktop users across Outlook, Skype, MSN, Daily Mail and Ticketek.

“By Microsoft sending its 2.1 million authenticated IDs to Experian we now have in market Experian’s product portfolio – one of the most powerful data products available globally. It gives us all the incredible household segments that are available in other markets around the world,” said Rhys Heron, Managing Director of Mi9 New Zealand.

“By having these crucial data sources and customer segments we are able to compete with the global tech platforms and give marketers greater value for money when they buy across our network.”

Customers who have trialled the new product found that it helped them draw out better insights and ensure their online campaigns were more effective.

"Mi9 and Experian helped us to understand our audience better by analysing the traffic to our site,” said Lindsey Henson, Senior Marketing Manager of Latitude Financial Services.

“We then used these insights to plan a strategic campaign to an engaged audience. Experian has enabled us to optimise our ad spend by targeting more relevant users for our products to deliver a successful pilot campaign.”

Mi9 New Zealand has also launched a product called Audience Match and will now allow them to compete head-to-head with Facebook and their Custom Audience product by allowing marketers to use their offline database for targeting known customers across the Microsoft network.

With the additional socioeconomic segments and the Mosaic product, Mi9’s full suite of Experian-targeting capabilities, in conjunction with their Microsoft data, allows for a full 360-view of their audience.

“Mi9 can now compete with the likes of Google and Facebook both in terms of audience scale and also data targeting,” said Heron. “We believe this is a positive development that will benefit the whole New Zealand market as marketers and their agencies continue to demand better data and insight from their media partners.”

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Head of Trade and Internal Communications
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Monday, May 11, 2017