Research: Aussie Mums – You’ve Got This

In March 2017, Nine in partnership with Hoop Research Group, presented the findings to an extensive study into the changing mindset of Australian mums.

The research followed on from a study that was last conducted in 2011. Building upon our understanding from five years ago, the observational and longitudinal study uncovered a series of trends and insights behind the changing attitudes of the most influential household decision maker, the modern mum.

For all the excitement and celebration upon entering motherhood, it is also a time for profound change. There is a lot to cope with in a short period of time, but she wouldn’t change a thing. Enabled by technology and swamped by choice, she is very self-aware and understands she can’t have it all. She seeks balance, aspires to old school values and has learnt to trust her ‘gut’. If she looks to simplify, beware, she is empowered and has choice on her side.

INSIGHT 1 - Ageless Mum
We are in the era of the ‘Ageless Mum’, with the trend to have children later in life, women from a wide age range, 20 – 40+ years, are experiencing milestones at the same time.

INSIGHT 2 - The Supermum is Dead
One of the key findings from our research of five years ago was the relaxing of the emphasis on mums having to do it all. While we found mum to be no less super than before, we did see a softening in her attitudes. Instead of doing it all, she simply wants to do her best.

INSIGHT 3 - Happy Mum
Mums are much happier and content in their role than some of the stereotypes might convey. Even though parenthood has brought profound change, there is a strong feeling their lives are now much better and richer since having children.

INSIGHT 4 - Great Mums, Don’t do it Alone!
The key to mums happiness is support. The need for support is permanent and not limited to getting through the early baby years. Our research findings clearly indicate those mums who felt the most supported had better outcomes as mothers.

INSIGHT 5 - Mindful Mum
Mums need time-out too! Taking time out is an indicator of being both a happier and better mum.

In a nutshell, the modern mum is relishing her role. Competent, happy and strong, the Aussie Mum takes challenges in her stride. She understands this time is precious and wants to find the right perspective and balance.

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