Nine Looks To Lead The Way On Viewability

Nine has announced a range of major changes to its digital advertising business, aimed at providing marketers and their agencies with greater transparency around issues such as viewability.
Central to the changes has been an ongoing overhaul of the advertising inventory across the websites, a commitment to meeting the MRC viewability standard, as well as providing advertisers with the ability to now transact on viewable impressions across display, with video to be available by the end of this quarter.
“The industry has struggled with viewability for a long time,” Alex Parsons, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at Nine, said. “We want to lead the way in this discussion. We know that we are rapidly moving to a world where viewability – in terms of whether someone has seen your ad – can’t be an added extra. Rather, it should be a baseline marketer expectation.”  
Amid the ongoing industry debate around viewability Nine also announced that it: 
  • Is optimising its websites to load faster and therefore improve user experience and ad viewability 
  • Has designed new sticky ad units to optimise viewability on websites to improve ad performance
  • Has partnered with two of the largest third-party verification vendors in Australia, Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Moat, to enable marketers using either vendor to have discrepancy-free reporting

“In making these changes our absolute commitment is to provide premium viewed impressions that will be seen by humans and will therefore deliver greater results for marketers,” said Ben Gunn, Director of Sales, Digital. 
“We believe the solution needs to be broader and focused on what achieves the best results for our clients. In this way we will deliver a win/win for both marketers and their partners.”
Amid industry attention on transparency in the digital space, Nine is committed to providing marketers and their agencies with 100% confidence in their investment through third-party verification. 
“When it comes to trust, digital players can’t mark their own homework,” said Gunn. “The solution must be that publishers and platforms work to provide more effective ad units and far greater transparency in terms of third-party verification.  
“At Nine we will focus on two areas: great content and great products. It is a focus that will allow us to move to a world where viewabilty is no longer part of the conversation but should just be expected. A world where all publishers – regardless of who they are – should be held to these same standards.” 
*Note: The MRC definition of a viewable impression is: 
50% of the ad’s pixels in view for one continuous second for display
30% of pixels in view for one continuous second for large-canvas display formats 
50% of pixels in view for two continuous seconds for video
Nine supports the IAB principles for transacting on viewable impressions.
For more information:
Nic Christensen
Head of Trade and Internal Communications 
0404 460 607

Monday, 20 February 2017