Viewability Terms and Conditions

Nine Entertainment Co. Terms and Conditions for Advertisers Trading on Viewable Impressions

A. These terms and conditions (Viewability T&Cs) apply in addition to those available at in circumstances where an advertiser (You/Client/Advertiser) elects to purchase guaranteed viewability of one or more parts of their advertising campaign on a Nine Entertainment Co. property/s as nominated in a signed insertion order (IO) between Nine Entertainment Co (or a related entity) (NEC) and You.

B. In the event of any inconsistency between these Viewability T&Cs and the Standard Terms, the Viewability T&Cs will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

C. In Your IO, advertising products which are eligible for purchase against a viewable impression target (Viewable Products) will be specified by NEC (at its sole discretion). Advertising products which are not specified by NEC as being available to purchase against a viewable impression target, such as (but not limited to) sponsorships, cannot be bought by You with a vCPM (Non-Viewable Products).

D. NEC reserves the right to change the Viewable Products at its sole discretion.

E. The terms and conditions set out below apply to any purchase by You of Viewable Products under an IO with NEC:

  1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties and specified in the terms of the IO, the agreed definition of viewability which will apply to assess whether an individual advertisement from You is “in view” is as follows:

    a. For standard display advertisements: 50% of the pixels of the advertisement must be in view for 1 continuous second.

    b. For large format advertisements (defined as 242,500 pixels or over): 30% of the pixels of the advertisement must be in view for 1 continuous second.

  2. Both You and NEC may append a pixel from a Media Ratings Council accredited third party measurement vendor (3PV) to all ad creative served on impressions in Viewable Products in order to measure the viewability performance of Your campaign.  In circumstances where each party is using a different 3PV, a discrepancy of no more than 10% in measurement results (in favour of NEC’s 3PV measurement data) will be tolerated.
  3. You acknowledge that for every Viewable Product purchased in your IO, there will be some impressions served that cannot be measured by the 3PV due to no fault of NEC (Non-Measured Impressions).
  4. NEC agrees that Measured Impressions recorded by its 3PV on Viewable Products only will be held to a 70% viewability threshold (Viewability Target), meaning that for all of Your Measured Impressions served by NEC in Viewable Products nominated within your IO, no less than 70% (taken as an average across all line items of Your IO that include Viewable Products) will be measured as ‘in view’ by our audience.
  5. Determination of whether the Viewability Target has been reached is based on an assessment of Your total campaign impressions bought against Viewable Products in the IO (assessed collectively), not by reference to an individual assessment of each line item in the IO separately meeting the Viewability Target.  Further, impressions that are bought against Non-Viewable Products in the same IO and Non-Measured Impressions will not contribute to the Viewability Target calculation.
  6. If the Viewability Target is not achieved for Measured Impressions (when assessed across all Viewable Products bought in Your IO), NEC agrees to ‘make good’ the deficit by providing You with additional Measured Impressions (which must be recorded as being ‘in view’) until 70% of the original Viewability Target stipulated on Your IO is delivered. You will be billed for all impressions purchased on Viewable Products in Your IO. For clarity, any failure by NEC to deliver on any targets or other performance metrics in respect of Non-Deliverable Products will not result in any make-good being provided by NEC pursuant to these Viewability Terms.
  7. All make-goods from NEC made pursuant to these Viewability Terms will be in the form of additional Measurable Impressions that are recorded as ‘in view’, not cash, and will be delivered in a reasonable time frame as determined by NEC. These cannot be on-sold by You and must be used for the same campaign unless agreed otherwise.  Make-good impressions delivered by NEC will be generally consistent with the type/location of inventory that was initially purchased by You in the original campaign.
  8. You are responsible for providing NEC with all creative assets required for the impressions that are bought to be served in Viewable Products and such creative assets must conform with NEC’s viewability ad specs guide (available at Viewability Specifications).


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