The Back To School Consumer

Nine’s recently launched online research community, Nine Nation, provides quantitative and qualitative consumer feedback on a range of topics, both content and advertiser related. With the new year fast approaching, Nine Nation panellists were asked about their planning and spending habits around back to school purchase decisions. Below are some key insights gained.

Australian shoppers spend $16.8 billion dollars between December 26 and January 15. One of the key drivers of retail spend in during this time is ‘back to school’ which is seen as a huge milestone for parents and students.


96% of back to school purchase decisions are made by mums with stationary and uniform purchases the main priority.


85% of Australians intend to spend more or the same on back to school purchases compared to last year, with discount department stores the most likely destination. Kmart and Big W top the list when it comes to shopping for back to school supplies with the spike happening in the later weeks of January.

Back to School & Nine 

When it comes to viewing habits in January, more people aged 25-54 tune into Nine than any other network, creating the perfect environment for brands to target back to school consumers.