'Gotta Have' by Powered Studios

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to connect to an under 40s audience, look no further than Nine’s dynamic advertorial format “Gotta Have”  by Powered Studios.

These 60” TV spots, available on 9GO!, use impactful, colourful graphics and a great mix of presenters to promote your brand in a high energy, fun way. The presenters are cast not only for their TV presence, but for their knowledge of their category – they’re smart and approachable, and they know how to connect with the under 40 demographic.

If you're looking for a fun format that’s spontaneous, high energy and will make your brand stand out, then you just gotta have a look at this fresh advertorial format.

See below how one brand has benefited from this format:

With the incredible success of the Nintendo Yo-Kai Watch video game launch, Nintendo returned to "Gotta Have" on 9GO! for their follow up campaign. Through the magic of green-screen and animation we are transported to the world of Yo-Kai where we meet some of the mischievous characters and exposed to elements of the game. This energetic and interactive format was guaranteed to engage kids and get them wild with excitement.