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Business Model For Sports Rights Is About To Evolve

The traditional business model used by many Australian sporting codes – built on selling  broadcast rights to media partners – will rapidly evolve towards one focused on revenue sharing, Amanda Laing, Managing Director of Nine, has predicted.


Nine Things About The NRL Consumer

With footy season right around the corner, we recently polled our Nine Nation community to get a deeper understanding of the NRL consumer. 

Discover Real Impact with Nine Digital

As Australia’s leading digital content publisher, Nine Digital has real content, real audiences and real metrics to allow you to better understand your audience — and deliver real impact for your brand through the power of storytelling.


Nine’s 2017 National Rugby League Series

Off the back of a massive 2016 season that realised the biggest Grand Final in history, the biggest State of Origin series with over 3 million viewers every game, there has never been a better time to align your brand with Nine’s Wide World of Sports.  

The Easter Number Crunch

We recently polled our Nine Nation community on the sweetest time of year and found nine key insights you should know about the Easter consumer – and it’s not all just about chocolate!

The Art Of Digital Integration: Closing The Loop On Multi-Media Storytelling

Marketers often talk about their desire for integration across television and digital. Kerri Elstub explains how 9Honey worked to capture and amplify audience interest in Married at First Sight. 

Suncorp Super Netball Starts Feb 18

9GEM is the new home of netball. From February 18, Wide World of Sports will broadcast the new-look national league, Suncorp Super Netball, in prime time throughout the season.


The Back To School Consumer

With the new year fast approaching, Nine Nation panellists were asked about their planning and spending habits around back to school purchase decisions.

The Biggest Shows In 2017 Are On Nine

Nine Upfront & Personal recap: In 2017, Nine will bring Australian viewers more local content than ever before. Content is the lifeblood of everything we do and we love creating it. 

Opinion: Opening The Gateways To Data Transaction

By Krish Raja. Data and technology are now firmly at the heart of the modern marketer’s advertising strategy, but here’s a question: how much time have you spent thinking about how your systems integrate with all your various partners?