• UAs
    5.001 Million UAs
  • Page impressions
    4.204 Million page impressions
  • sessions
    15.37 Sessions per person
  • Time spent
    58min04sec Per person monthly
Source: Nielsen Digital Ratings Monthly June 2017

Skype is one of the most loved consumer brands, with more than 300 million connected users globally and over 6 million in Australia each month.

As an advertising platform, Skype helps to make brand connections where human connections are made. The Skype advertising platform offers:

Impact: In ad effectiveness studies, advertisers have seen double-digit lifts in some of the hardest-to-move metrics like “intent to recommend”, “ad recall”, “brand favourability” and “intent to purchase”.

Engagement: The average video call time of 15 minutes gives brands a way to make connections in an environment that users love.

Access to Influential Audience: Skype audiences are well educated and socially influential.

Skype also has the ability to connect with users across screens. Through your mobile phone, tablet and desktop, Skype enables you to connect with your loved ones wherever and whenever you choose to whilst being the perfect conduit for word of mouth.