• UAs
    2.056 Million UAs
  • Page impressions
    13.818 Million page impressions
  • sessions
    4.86 Sessions per person
  • Time spent
    9min13sec Per person monthly
Source: Nielsen Digital Ratings Monthly February 2017

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9TheFix is Australia’s entertainment and pop-culture authority, reporting all the latest homegrown and international celebrity news.

Through an incredible network of contacts in the movie, music and TV world, 9TheFix always gains access to exclusive, first-release trailers, music teasers and interviews with global and Aussie stars that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s the place Australians go to for all the major breaking entertainment stories, the hot topics, the must-see videos and the “Fixclusives”. Yes, that’s entertainment.

“When I wake up I never know what stories are going to break, if any – it’s always a surprise. This is what our readers feel too.” Ashley Spencer, 9TheFix Editor

9TheFix digs behind the headlines to offer a deeper insight into what’s really happening, not only providing exclusive but credible entertainment content and celebrity news.

9TheFix is irreverent, fun and highly addictive.